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SIA Security Guard - £250


The QNUK-approved SIA Security Guard course. Designed to empower individuals entering the private security sector, our comprehensive program equips aspiring security guards with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in safeguarding premises and ensuring public safety.


Key highlights of our QNUK-approved SIA Security Guard course include:

Foundational Industry Insight: Participants gain a solid understanding of the private security industry, including roles, responsibilities, and the legal and ethical considerations that govern security work.


Safety First: Our course prioritises health and safety for security personnel, covering regulations and practices crucial for maintaining a secure and risk-free environment.


Effective Patrolling and Access Control: We provide practical training in patrolling techniques and access control procedures, empowering security guards to monitor and secure premises with confidence.


Communication: Participants develop strong communication skills essential for effective interaction with the public, colleagues, and emergency services. • Emergency Response Training: Our curriculum includes comprehensive training on responding to emergencies, from evacuation procedures to first aid awareness and managing various incidents.


Professional Report Writing: Participants learn the art of accurate and professional report writing, a critical skill for documenting incidents and activities in a clear and concise manner.


Conflict Management Excellence: We focus on cultivating conflict management skills, ensuring security guards can navigate and resolve conflicts professionally and with confidence. Upon successful completion of our SIA Security Guard course, participants are well-prepared to apply for the SIA license, a testament to their commitment to excellence and compliance with industry standards.


Choose Atlas School of Training for QNUK-approved SIA Security Guard training, and embark on a journey toward a successful and impactful career in private security.

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