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CCTV - £250


We take pride in offering high-quality training for individuals aspiring to become proficient CCTV Operators. Our comprehensive CCTV Operator course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic field of video surveillance and security.


Key features of our CCTV Operator course include:


Technical Proficiency: Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of CCTV systems, including the operation of surveillance cameras, recording equipment, and monitoring technology.


Legal and Ethical Considerations: Our course covers the legal and ethical aspects of CCTV operation, ensuring that participants are well-versed in privacy laws, data protection regulations, and other relevant statutes governing surveillance activities.


Effective Monitoring Techniques: We focus on developing effective monitoring skills, including the ability to identify and respond to security threats, suspicious activities, and emergencies in real-time.


Incident Reporting: Participants will learn the importance of accurate and timely incident reporting. Our training emphasises the documentation of incidents in a clear and concise manner, in compliance with industry standards.


Emergency Response Protocols: The course includes training on emergency response procedures, enabling CCTV Operators to coordinate with on-site security personnel and emergency services when necessary.


Interactive Learning Environment: Our training sessions are interactive and engaging, providing participants with practical scenarios to apply their knowledge and skills. This approach ensures a hands-on learning experience.


QNUK Approved Certification: Successful completion of our CCTV Operator course results in a QNUK-approved certification, demonstrating that participants have met the rigorous standards set for professional competence in video surveillance.

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