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First Aid at Work (FAW)


The QNUK-approved First Aid at Work (FAW) course, designed to provide comprehensive training for individuals who aim to become competent first aiders in the workplace.


Key highlights of our QNUK-approved FAW course include:


Extensive First Aid Training: Participants undergo in-depth training in first aid techniques, gaining proficiency in a wide range of life-saving skills. From CPR and AED use to handling injuries and illnesses, our course covers it all.


Three-Day Intensive Program: Our FAW course is a three-day intensive program, ensuring that participants receive thorough and hands-on instruction. This extended duration allows for a deeper dive into first aid principles and practical applications.


Tailored to Workplace Needs: We recognise that each workplace is unique. Our course is tailored to address the specific first aid needs and challenges of diverse work environments, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to handle emergencies in their professional settings.


Professional Certification: Successful completion of our FAW course results in a QNUK-approved certification, a recognised standard in first aid training. This certification signifies that individuals have the knowledge and skills to act as competent first aiders in the workplace.


Interactive Learning Environment: Our training sessions are engaging and interactive, fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment. Participants have the opportunity to practice their skills, ask questions, and share experiences.


Updated Curriculum: Our FAW course is regularly updated to align with the latest first aid guidelines and industry best practices. Participants receive training based on current standards to ensure relevance and effectiveness.


Choose Atlas School of Training for QNUK-approved First Aid at Work training, and empower yourself and your colleagues with the expertise needed to respond confidently and effectively in workplace emergencies. Your safety is our priority, and our FAW course is your pathway to becoming a competent and certified first aider.

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